Neither market is inherently easier or more challenging for a new business. Different markets present different opportunities and challenges for different companies.

Which market is easier for startups to break into?

Despite economic uncertainty brought on by COVID-19 – now is an excellent time to start a business.

Dale Ventures became the lead investor, we provided $500,000 upfront and committed a further investment of up to $5 million.

How did Dale Wood support Rayo Credit’s Colombian expansion?

It all depends on the inherent value of the idea, plus the vision, commitment of the startups’ leaders, and their ability to scale.

Do you have a limit on what you can invest?

We focus on building strong relationships with management and helping to build a company structure that ensures continued success.

What are your expectations for those that you invest in?

Latin America’s GDP is expected to improve in the next year thanks to robust growth indicators in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.

My sister lost her cancer battle and my father died of a heart attack – a surprise that shook me to my core and once again brought my priorities into perspective

What led to the founding of HealthYes! Preventive Screening?

In the quest to produce long-term value, patience and persistence are key. It takes a lot more than a great idea!

What would you like to leave our readers with? Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs?