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Region: EMEA
Industry: Technology & Media
Company: Everblue Technology Advisors
Website: www.EverblueTechAd.com

Everblue Technology Advisors at Dale Ventures


When Mike B. made the decision to spin off his development team from his current employer, he turned to Dale Ventures for support. The fact is that Mike is a tech guy, and he knows his zeros and ones. But, he is not a businessman and does not have the resources or knowledge to run the enterprise he wishes to spin off. Not only is Dale Ventures taking care of the resources required to allow the spinoff to occur, but Dale Ventures is also providing the support per business systems, offices, and staff personnel to run such a large and complex organization. Mike and his team will focus on the development, and Dale Venture’s Team will focus on the back-room and front office items Mike hates!

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