Arcadier Ecommerce Developers

Arcadier Ecom Platform


Region: Asia Pacific
Industry: Technology & Media
Company: Arcadier Ecommerce Online Marketplace Platforms & Solutions


In early 2013, Paul, a successful technopreneur, joined long-time friends Dinuke and Ken, who were both senior executives of Paypal (then an eBay company), to start Arcadier. Collectively, they’ve had more than 30 years of experience in e-commerce and online payments.


Initially, they focused on creating a multi-merchant online-to-offline experience for consumers, partnering with banks, and other payment companies. They were the first to enable PayPal users to transact using PayPal wallets in major physical stores in Asia. However, in 2016 they realized that a pivot of the platform they designed, making it a marketplace platform for the masses was the way to go. Of course, they turned to Dale Ventures to help with resources and know-how during this pivotal time.


Now Paul, Dinuke, and Kenneth are off to the races!

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